Friday, July 13, 2012

Cops called over swearing parrot

Police called out to deal with a noisy neighbour complaint in Glasgow were shocked to be confronted by a swearing parrot.

Officers turned up to an address in Govan to find Pepe, a yellow-headed Amazon parrot, who used to live in a taxi office.

The bird was screeching out prhrases such as “taxi for Govan Road”, as well as more industrial language, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Pepe’s embarrassed owner John McAlinden said: “He mainly shouts out bookings, like ‘taxi for Govan’ and ‘taxi for Lidl’. He also says things like ‘car one’, ‘car two’ and ’10-4′. “It’s hilarious. I was very surprised at first because I was told he didn’t speak much. But sometimes it’s like living in a cab office.”

“He also uses a fair bit of industrial language, which is a bit near the knuckle. I think he may have become stressed by his move but I’m now giving him some drops to try to calm him down.”   Click here to read more Nutty News Stories at Nutty News Today - new stories added all day every day