Friday, July 27, 2012

Woman Fired for Smelling Like Cigarette Smoke

A Fridley woman named Stephanie Cannon believes she’s the victim of discrimination – fired because she smelled like cigarette smoke.

Cannon, a smoker for 18 years, says she smokes almost a pack a day of Camel Menthols. But when she landed a job in June as a medical receptionist at Park Nicollet Health Services, in the Frauenshuh Cancer Center, she says she followed the hospital’s clearly-stated “no smoking” policy. (There is no smoking allowed at any time on the premises.)

“There were never any performance issues at all,” Cannon insists.

Yet six weeks after she started she says her supervisor told her, “We don’t want you smelling like smoke when you come here.”

Cannon says she did everything she could to get rid of the stench. “I stopped smoking on my breaks, I wouldn’t smoke in my car, I bought new clothes,” she claims. At home, she would keep her work clothes in a sealed plastic bag and then spray them with air freshener after she put them on before work.   Click here to read more Nutty News Stories at Nutty News Today - new stories added all day every day   

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