Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Can I pet your cat?

Wisconsin – A Saudi Arabian man who police say has returned to his country was charged with attempted sexual assault after he allegedly talked his way in to a neighbor’s apartment in Madison.

The incident was one of three within five days in which Riyad M. Alsulaiman, 24, allegedly approached women who had cats and asked to pet them in order to get into their apartments.

One woman said that she was on her balcony when a man later identified as Alsulaiman asked for a light for his cigarette, then asked to come up and pet her cat.

He offered repeatedly to give her a massage and wouldn’t leave her apartment even after she asked him several times.

The woman told police that despite her refusals, he removed her clothes and tried to have intercourse with her.  More – Discount cigarettes, tax free, free shipping worldwide

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