Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fawn is rescued after falling down a 20-foot manhole

New York – Meet the Deer Hunters – a group of New York cops who rescued an adorable deer stuck down a manhole.

Landscapers working by a vacant lot that is under construction in Mount Sinai, New York, called Suffolk County Police after they noticed the baby deer stuck in a 20-foot manhole.

Emergency Service Officers Tobie Monaco, Billy Judge, Dan Coan and Walter Justincic responded – and officer Justincic used a harness to lower himself down and attach a separate harness to the terrified deer.

He placed another harness on the deer and the team raised it to ground level around 8 p.m.

‘It’s not something we come across at all, it’s unusual,’ said Sgt. Peter Reilly, an officer with Suffolk County Police Emergency Services.    Click here to read more Nutty News Stories at Nutty News Today - new stories added all day every day   

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