Monday, April 21, 2014

U.S. Bureau of Land Management eyes 90,000 acres of Texas land

U.S. Bureau of Land Management eyes 90,000 acres of Texas land
Loose leopard fleeing rooftop bites man on the behind
Easter ad for sandwich shop shows Jesus smoking a joint
Skydiver falls to his death in the middle of family’s Easter egg hunt
Oklahoma militia members join fight against feds
Woman patient suffers facial injuries after being punched by hospital security guard
Men save 90-year-old woman from dog attack with six-pack of beer
135 Piece Household Tool Kit
Twin 7-year-old boys fight off carjacker
When surgeons operated on man with stomach ache they found 12 gold bars
16-year-old California runaway survives flight to Hawaii in plane’s wheel well
Rat stole grandma’s false teeth and hid them behind the fridge
Woman reunited with dog snatched on first date by man she met online
Feds draw criticism for selling Wyoming horses for slaughter
Jews urged to flee Ukraine
1,200 signatures asking that Michelle Obama not speak at high school graduation
Pair allegedly swindled old woman out of $450,000 meant for her cat
Hitchhiker picked up and then tossed off bridge
Woman finds dead body under deck during Easter egg hunt with son
Texts and social media posts from survivors trapped inside the stricken ferry fakes

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