Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mom Believes Ghost Of US Marine Who Died In 1983 Beirut Bombing Lives Inside 4-Year-Old Son

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia – A mother believes the ghost of a U.S. Marine who died in the October 1983 barracks bombing in Beirut, Lebanon, is living inside her 4-year-old son.
Michele Lucas of Virginia Beach tells WTKR-TV that her son Andrew remembers vividly how Sgt. Val Lewis died in the Beirut barracks bombing that killed over 300 people, including 241 American servicemen.
“He just starts crying hysterically and I say, ‘What’s wrong Andrew?’ and he says, ‘Why did you let me die in that fire?’ “ she explained.
Lucas said she connected with producers of the television show “Ghost Inside My Child” in an effort to get answers. She told WTKR that Andrew would give her specific clues about Lewis.  More

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