Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mother hears strange stories about young son’s ‘past life’ and finds out that person existed

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Do you believe in past lives? An Ohio family says they didn’t until their young son began making some startling claims.

At just two years old, Luke Ruehlman was unusually concerned about safety. His mother, Erika, says he was always worried about things like crossing the street or whether something was too hot to touch. Then, there was that other fixation.

Erika Ruehlman says her son named everything Pam, from his toys to his drawings. The family thought it was strange, especially since they didn’t know anyone by that name. They chalked up to just being one of Luke’s quirks, until his comments became increasingly peculiar.

Erika Ruehlman says Luke would refer to when he was a girl and had black hair, “or he’d say, ‘I used have earrings like that when I was a girl.’” More


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