Saturday, August 18, 2012

Man installed cameras to tape woman, toddler in bathroom

Salem, Massachusetts – A Massachusetts man is accused of rigging cameras underneath a trailer and then hiding there while video-recording a woman and her toddler son as they used the bathroom.

The woman, who resides at 15 Friendship Drive, called police when she saw movement in the air duct in her bathroom floor, looked into it and saw a man peering up at her from underneath the floor vent.

“Hello,” the man said, and she immediately called 911.She told police she knew the man, who they identified as Christian Hobbs, 44, of Orleans, Mass., because she bought the trailer from him and he had done some work on it two weeks ago.

Hobbs was walking south on Route 28 when police located and confronted him. “I did it, it was me under the trailer,” he blurted out to the officers, according to a press release. He was arrested without incident.   More