Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cat burglar has stolen over 100 garments from neighbors

UK – Denis is a real-life cat burglar after stealing hundreds of garments from his neighbors’ homes and gardens.

The pilfering cat has swiped all manner of items which he takes home to embarrassed owner Lesley Newman.

Over an 18-month crime spree Denis’ haul includes a bath towel, a thong, a football, five paintbrushes, a pair of slippers, an expensive shirt, a doll and gloves.

He has taken men’s boxer shorts, a pair of shoes, a cardigan, a dog chew, dozens of pairs of socks, a chamois leather, tea towels, seven car sponges and a cuddly toy.

“I have never tried to stop his behavior, I would much rather him bring objects into the house than dead animals. More

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